Ten Best Photography Websites for Free Stock Photos

When you don't know where to look, searching for good free stock photos online can be time-consuming and frustrating.

It can take a seemingly endless search only to find some great shots which turn out to be unusable due to low resolution, watermarks, blurriness, and generally uninspiring.

A large chunk of the stock photo market is owned by professional companies who charge about $20 or more for a single photo. Such companies include Shutterstock and 123RF. Using photos of most designers, bloggers and web developers is an integral part of the craft, it would be a very expensive affair if they had to part with $20 every time they needed good usable photos.

The good news is, however, that quality free stock photos can be found online on dedicated websites for just this very purpose.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of 10 websites that have plenty of amazing and great quality free stock photos for your unconditional use.


This is a favorite with many people. They have high-resolution quality food shots amongst many other subjects. If you happen to run a veterinary or you are a writer or blogger doing pet themed pieces, then you will fall in love with Shopify.

• Superfamous.com

This site has great high-resolution shots that are perfect for desk top backgrounds and website design.

Their collection of amazingly high-resolution photos, usually landscapes and land marks, at SuperFamous are curated by the Dutch artist Folkert Gorter and his team.

• Unsplash.com

Unsplash is such a great resource for breathtaking landscape photos. Here you are sure to find countless shots of foggy rivers, distant mountains, and waterfalls all in high-resolution quality.

It is noteworthy to mention that this site adds some royalty-free 10 brand new shots every 10 days.

• IMFree.com

This site has very high-quality pictures that are at par with those of paid sites if not better. Attribution is required, but the shots are well worth it. Other than premium quality pictures, the site has a web building tool as well.

• Pixabay.com

Pixabay is a dream come true for every designer. The photos are not only free but high quality and relevant. The search feature on this site is easy to use and handy.

• Morguefile.com

The simplicity of this site is notable, although the site might not have as many pictures in its library. You are sure to find excellent high-resolution shots on a broad range of topic, from landscapes, wildlife to antiques within the available photos.

• Littlevisuals.com

Little visuals operate a little differently because you would need to sign up to their email list. Upon subscribing, you will be receiving seven high-resolution pictures via a zip file on a weekly basis.

• FreeImages.com

While most stock-photos sites focus on a small niche (usually landscape photography), Free Images is expansive with a broad range of pictures across various categories to select from.

The site search feature is helpful as it saves you the time you would spend trying to find relevant pictures when working on a project.

• Picography.com

Picography is very simply done. It is not searchable but a scroll through a gallery of random shots offered by a handful of photographers. This allows you to come across a huge range of photos which you would be able to do a specific search.

For designers looking for evocative photos, they are sure to find them on Picography.

• Newoldstock.com

Many of the photos on New Old Stock site are antique photos taken by government agencies or discovered during estate sales. You find some real unique and creative antique photos on this site.



For free stock photos that are diverse in category and impressive high-resolution quality, you will find the above free image resource sites invaluable no matter the scope of your project. These sites are great when you are looking for variety.

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